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Welcome to Hatchlings Cloth Nappies

We have absolutley loved being a part of the Cloth Nappy industry in Australia for the last 4 years, and would like to express our thanks to all of our customers. The idea that there are so many little Hatchlings Cloth Nappy butts out there is just awesome.

But, all good things must come to an end at some stage, and it is time for the Hatchlings Cloth Nappy Family to have a grand adventure. My husband and I are taking our little family to the UK for a couple of years. Sadly, that means that I can't sew for the Hatchlings store any longer.

If you are a Hatchlings fan however, fear not! We are working on finding a local WAHM to take over the sewing (let me know if you are interested) and we will also be gradually releasing our patterns in PDF format so that you can make them at home for yourself.





I couldn't be more excited about introducing our new...

...Pirate Pants!!

As the weather started to cool down I got busy sewing up some trousers for my little one that had some room in the back for the cloth nappy, all the while thinking how fast our bubs grow and that I was going to have to do it all again next season. 

So I added extra long foldable cuffs at the feet, an extra long foldable waistband and our new Pirate Pants were born!

These super comfy lounge pants for little ones will fit from approx 6 month-ish to 4 years-ish, that means you can get up to 3 'winters' out of these babies! Awesome value, and they just look adorable.

Downloadable PDF Pattern Instore NowCloth Nappy Friendly Pirate Pants



Why can't your baby wear real undies too!

I had great fun recording this little clip with my (just) 3 year old. She dosen't wear nappies during the day any more so had to be 'paid' by having her favourite food for dinner to be convinced to wear one :)





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